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  R2ISC Process

The R2ISC  process is a four-step approach to analyzing the R2ISC Criteria.  The steps are:

1- Set the Goal - determine your ratings for each of the R2ISC Criteria and  the detailed requirements that make up each of the criteria.

Start with rating the R2ISC Criteria from an enterprise perspective.  This is done by allocating 100 points among each of the R2ISC Criteria and entering the rating on the R2ISC Worksheet

Develop the detailed requirements for each of the of the R2ISC Criteria:

Current Requirements - if the package covers multiple business areas, rate each business area's importance using the Business Area Worksheet. - For each business area develop a detailed list of requirements, and rate them on the Current Requirements Worksheet.

Future Requirements - develop a detailed list of Future Requirements; rate them on the Future Requirements Worksheet

Implementability - develop a detailed list of requirements for Implementability; rate them on the Implementability Worksheet

Supportability - develop a detailed list of requirements for Supportability; rate them on the Supportability Worksheet

Cost - develop a detailed list of requirements for Cost; rate them on the Cost Worksheet

2 - Narrow the Field - evaluate  the relevant packages to determine which four (4) finalists most closely meet your requirements

Survey the packages against the "Key Distinguishers" (requirements that the package must have and are too complex to incorporate into a package).  Narrow the field to four finalists using "Key Distinguishers". Send each of the remaining vendors a Request for Proposal (RFP).  In the RFP ask the vendors to rate their package against each of your detailed requirements. Based on the vendors' responses, you can determine which package most closely meets your needs. 

3 - Select the Winner - analyze the four finalists very thoroughly to determine the best package.

In this step, compare all of your requirements to the four finalists.   This is done by using:

  • Technical review - analyzing the package's technology by comparing them to your Future Requirements
  • Background checks - including references and legal reviews

4 - Sign the Contract - negotiate the contract to ensure that it is fair to both you and the vendor.

Review the contract to ensure that it is fair, and agree on the price of the package,  annual support and any services that the vendor will supply.

Once you have successfully completed these four steps, you will are ready to embark in a succsesful implementation.

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